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"Going to Brazil" by Patrick Mille is now on Color Grading !

Here some pictures by Vincent Rosenblatt from the shoot in Brazil!

Patrick Mille and I trying to figure out how to do it...

Luz Guerra (Focus Puller), Vanessa Guide,Margot Bancilhon,Allison Wheeler,Philipine Stidel

Talking to Martina Rupp, DoP 2nd Unit

Wrap on Ipanema beach

"Demain?" directed by Christine Laurent

Raul Ruiz on location scouting for "Lines of Wellington"

Some shots of this same location then shot by Valeria Sarmento, Raul's wife.

"Lines of Wellington" directed by Valeria Sarmiento

Setting up the film's introduction sequence shot

Mathieu Almaric , Melvile Poupaud , Miguel Borges and João Arrais relax between takes...

Mud, mud,more mud...

Camera crew & Production shooting plates

Setting up a shot with Valeria Sarmento

Camera crew

Afonso Pimentel and Nuno Lopes, great actors,great friends!

Isabelle Huppert and Catherine Deneuve on set...

I was pure panic inside that day...

Marisa Paredes

Mathieu Almaric and Melville Poupaud both so famous and so simple. Mathieu was very curious about the Alexa camera.

"Cadences Obstinées" directed by Fanny Ardant

Asia Argento "Margot" plunges her head inside the aquarium hopping to clear her toughts....


"Quando o Sol toca na Lua"

Old methods... Polaroid to check exposure on the short film "Quando Sol toca na Lua" directed by Pedro Palma in 2001.

This short was still edited on a Moviola.

I developed the print using bleach by-pass... Some faces came out a bit dark...

And as a short film, I couldn't do many test prints.

This was my first work to have a positive print and be projected.

L'avant Scène on Mysteries of Lisbon!

"Um Século de Energia"

This was sadly Manoel de Oliveira's very last project...

After 106 years of being around he decided to go...

The time we spent together was very short. Moving around for him was not easy, he recently had hurt his feet. His voice was low, it was hard for him to express himself. I truly believe he left because he couldn't film anymore. The very thing that made him live so long was painful so he let go.

Manoel was an athlete and car racer, his life was not slow at all! His movies on the other hand took time to watch things. I think he just enjoyed life and took time to live it!

"Casanova Variations" Special Gaffer!

Casanova Variations is a movie based on an Opera with the same name. Both directed by Michael Sturminger and played by John Malkovich.

On a crowed theater stage, many actors, singers, two cameras , focus pullers, boom operator, grips and an electrician following Veronica Ferres with a chinese lantern...

The chinese lantern and John eventually had to share the same space next to the camera... so , to my surprise, after the first take he came to me and asked if I wanted him to do it...


Here's an actual frame of the film were we see the camera crew.


Cosmos is just nuts!

You either love it or hate it, there's no in between.

Working with Zulawski was just great.

Here an interview for the AFC:

Before shooting we shot tests of the main actors. Zulawski wanted to test witch lenses worked best with their faces. Make-up and hair also did their tests.

This was also my opportunity to explain the new workflow and all the digital universe.

We also chose the LUT for the daylies were going to have.


Mysteries of Lisbon dolly track!!!

This shot actually worked!


Tratamento is a TV series based on "In Treatment".

This show has been adapted in various countries. Now it's Portugal's turn.

Shooting 30min per day with two cameras looking everywhere was a real challenge, specially when I realized there was no time to move lights around!

It took me a week ( 5 Episodes) to fine tune the main locations to an acceptable 360º "ready" set. We only moved around a 4 Bank 0,60 Kino for eye light and some of the window lights.

Its far from ideal but these kind of shows have this kind of demand.

Lucky for me the cameramen were used to that kind of set so I was free to take care only of the light. Its still a TV format set so monitors, director, sound people are very far from the set and by the time I left the set to check the framing they were already shooting!

Antonio Lima, a Chief Electrician who's making his DoP move did the following weeks of shooting and did a great job!

We shot with two Alexas in 2K ProRes

Zeiss CP Zooms handled the job perfectly! We had a set of CP Primes but rarelly used them.

"Going to Brazil"

Directed by Patrick Mille and is currently being edited.

Cast: Vanessa Guide , Margot Bancilhon , Alison Wheeler, Philippine Stindel,Chico Diaz,Patrick Mille

Production Design: Claudio Amaral Peixoto

Sound Design: Philipe Vandendriessche

My first feature in my homeland! Was such a pleasure to be in Brazil for such a long period!

Rio de Janeiro has the most incredible locations.

The film was shot in Rio de Janeiro, Ubatuba and Brussels.

We used two Alexas XT Plus 4:3 recording ARRIRAW with Cooke Anamorphic and Angegnieux Optimo 56 - 152mm Zoom.

At the very start of the project we were supposed to shot this project in 35mm. Patrick the director was the first to defend it.

There was still labs in Rio and São Paulo at that point. Stock was a bit harder to get specially because you'd have to ship lots of film and various sensitivities so you don't run out! To ship another batch could take far too long!

The project then stopped and was postponed for 1 year, try to go location scouting in Rio during the world cup!

At some point, as usual nowadays, budget dictated we were going digital.

When final cast was decided we took a RED Dragon and an Alexa, shots lots of tests with Masterprimes, Kowa Anamorphics and Cooke Anamorphics. (In the 35mm version we were going Master Anamorphic.)

We got a lot of very interesting things with all the possible combinations but ended up choosing Alexa+Cooke Anamorphic.

That combination just handled every light situation we tried very well. It was not the best combination all over, but it was the best average results.

"Grey and Black"

Directed by Luis Filipe Rocha

With Joana Braça, Filipe Duarte, Monica Calle and MIguel Borges

"Grey and Black "was shot in Azores and Portugal Mainland. We had to ship all the lighting and grip gear to the Island! Shooting in Horta then Pico was a challenge with the weather but we were very very lucky!

Shot with RED Dragon and Zeiss Ultraprimes

Luis Filipe Rocha working with actors Joana Barça and Filipe Duarte

Shooting "Nivea Men" with Bale and Marcelo!

directed by Augusto Fraga

"Tierra Yerma"

Directed by Miriam Heard

Tierra Yerma is almost ready!

Trailler soon!

Shot in the Chilean Altiplano , Arica and Santiago.

Shots above are taken at 3500m altitude! Air is starting to get rare and moving fast gets you out of breath. Here nature imposes it's rhythm.

The air is so pure that mountains in the background look small and close but I had to often shoot at f:11 to actually see them and not get a blurry background. Some of them are actually almost 2000m higher then the flat area we are!

This project was initially to be shot in Super 16mm but Developing logistics would take too long and we would only get the first rushes 2 weeks later... would be a budget increase on transportation fees and probably have the director and producer chew their fingers off...

Alexas were out of budget , there were only a few in Chile at that time and they were making their career in commercials... So I had to take the production's house Scarlet. I was against it at first , I was not a RED fan. But when I realized I had no choice I embraced it.

We became friends and I started to actually really enjoy the image!

Tierra Yerma became one of the projects i'm most proud of! The camera made me take a different way, and I liked it! The "road movie" was shot in anamorphic and the interiors spherical. My idea was to give a different perception of space between the two parts of the movie but without changing the language. I didn't want to go wide angle vs long lens. The landscape was already so "big" and vast that wide angles would only push them away. It also avoided it being an effect , its more a sensation.

pictures by Fernanda Claro

SunCalc was very helpfull during pre prodution

Japanese Poster of "Mysteries of Lisbon"

Really cool!